19-25 November 2018

An exhibition by London Trade Art sponsored by RedHedge

On the occasion of its official launch, London Trade Art, co-founded and directed by Francesca Casiraghi, proposes the contemporary art collective exhibition “What goes around comes to art”, aiming at presenting the artists featured on its platform and, at the same time, offering a visual representation of its valuable partnership with Redhedge, a London based hedge fund founded by Andrea Seminara in 2014.

“What goes around comes to art” features international artists Daniel Arango, Francesco Irnem, Diego Miguel Mirabella, Laura Santamaria and Lapo Simeoni, in a concept curated by the London Trade Art’s Chief Art Officer Jessica Tanghetti. The curatorial aim is to offer a visual restitution of the material, concrete, cultural and even physical components which together conducted to the contemporaneity, going beyond a mere conceptual approach in order to find in the artistic expression the concreteness and practicality on which art has been historically based. The contemporary context, in fact, inevitably causes the translation of the perceptual and fruitive functions through the shield elements offered by the current society, characterized by an alteration in communication due to the web, and by the transformation of language and of the individual and collective interaction modalities. In the view of the above, the exhibition “What goes around comes to art” features five international artists able to offer a visual representation of the relationship between contemporary expression and practical, geographical and, sometimes even primordial, references, in order to attribute to contemporary art the role to fully valorize the present, rather than denying it as it often happens, avoiding also to restrict the analysis to the generalized interpretations seeing the present as a container of a digital society. In this context, significant remark is offered to the “object”, especially in relation to its present reinterpretation. Example is the “Things left unsaid” series by Lapo Simeoni, who finds in found materials, and more specifically in their transformation compared to the original functions, the starting point for developing his own narrative. In parallel, also Daniel Arango bases his work on the “object”, which he meticulously and almost ritually selects after deep research in the most significant cultural institutions’ collections, among which the Louvre, offering the object itself a new existence, and giving it a digital representation, starting from which new narratives come to life. The personal fruition of the place, and of its related cultural and geographical contaminations, represents the key behind both the research and the visual restitution of the work. In this sense, the artworks belonging to the “Louvre” series, developed during Arango’s trip from France to New Zealand, clearly show references to New-Zealand. The influence of the Moroccan artisan practice is instead evident in the “But me” series by Diego Miguel Mirabella, in which language represents a sort of ornament of a practice based on the transformation and translation of words, phrases and drawings proposed by the artist in typical Islamic motifs, realised through a direct collaboration with local artisans in Fés. The physical and territorial relationship sometimes goes beyond that personally usable by the human being, as it happens in Laura Santamaria’s work, based on a parallelism between micro and macro cosmos, and on their related interconnection processes. Her practice originates from pure matter, definable in simple elements, sometimes even primitive, such as pigments and crystals, for which the cognitive process comes to a contemporary existence through the artistic practice. Immersive is instead the relation between human being and physical environment highlighted by Francesco Irnem, whose work puts out of focus the most immediate perception of the external space, represented by the landscape, causing a sort of fusion where the contours are lost, making possible a full and true immersion in it, and a related fruition of the external environment truly intimate and primordial.

London Trade Art London Trade Art aims to create a bridge between art and finance, by progressively integrating three different art purchasing models, until they coexist. Firstly, a Marketplace allows the purchase of high-quality Contemporary Art as well as Prints and Multiples by established artists; secondly, a Pooling Investment service will offer a selection of high-value artworks split in art shares purchasable online; finally, an Art exchange platform which recreates some characteristics of the investment banks’ trading systems, will allow to constantly buy and sell art shares

RedHedge RedHedge is a London based European Credit focused asset management firm. It was founded in 2014 with the priority on capital preservation, steady returns, low volatility and transparency. In this sense, RedHedge supports values that define not only the financial market, but also a different but increasingly closer world: the art industry. Believing in providing alternative sources of investment and in enhancing its Corporate Social Responsibility, Redhedge contributes as a forward-thinking philanthropist to ambitiously support the contemporary art world, through the collaboration with London Trade Art.

Artists Daniel Arango (b. 1982) is a Colombian born, American raised artist. Previously based in New York City, he has been moving nomadically with his studio since 2011. Arango received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design. Selected exhibitions: Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, (2016); EXCHANGE, Your Art, Your Space, Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, Ireland, (2015); Daniel Arango vs. Kevin Arnold: Faith as Model, Able Fine Art, New York (2014).

Francesco Irnem (b. 1981) lives and works in Rome and New York. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in 2013 he won the First Prize at the Biennale Giovani di Monza. Selected exhibitions: Frammentazioni, Villa Blanc, LUISS, Collettivo Curatoriale LUISS Master of ART, Roma, (2018); Crossbuilding, Galleria Cinquegrana, Milano, (2017); Canal 05, Bruxelles (2016); Questa è solo una promessa di felicità, Anna Marra Contemporanea, Roma (2015).

Diego Miguel Mirabella (b. 1988) lives and works in Brussels. He graduated in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. Among his latest prizes, he won the Special Prize, Spazio Cima (2017) and he was mentioned at the Prix Mediatine (2018). He is also the co-founder of Limone space in London. Selected exhibitions: Salvo me, Rome (2018); La bocca arsa, l'Ascensore, Palermo (2018); Prix mediatine, Mediatine, Bruxelles (2018); Spectrum, Limone space, London (2018); I shot Mercury to make this exhibition, Nir Altman Gallery, Munich (2018); Radieuse, Italian Institute of culture in Bruxelles (2017); Bodikon, Belmacz Gallery, London (2016); The Habit of a Foreign Sky, FuturDome, Milan (2016).

Laura Santamaria (b. 1976) is an artist living and working in Milan and Lugano. She studied Sculpture at the Loughborough University School of Art and Design, and held a BA in Painting, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. She is founder and curator of the collaborative project "Drawings from Lightning". Selected exhibitions: MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, A Coruña (2018), Open Studio, Via Farini, Milan (2018); International Day of Light, Morgue Project Space, Chelsea College, London (2018); Drawings from Lightning, MADEINBRITALY, London (2017); The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015); Praestigium, Contemporary Artists from Italy, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, (2015).

Lapo Simeoni (b. 1979) lives and works in Berlin. He studied in London at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. He works also an art curator. Selected exhibitions: Diorama / Naples, Itragallery, Naples (2018); Forever Never Comes, Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma (2017); ; Biennale de La Biche, Guadalupe island (2017); Things left unsaid, Albornoz Museum, Narni (2016).

The featured artworks are available to be purchased on the London Trade Art online marketplace.