TURN: Paul Hazelton

14 - 30 September 2012

Born into the immaculate world of his mother’s obsession: a dustless childhood, Paul Hazelton now works continuously to create something from the dust of his and other people’s everyday lives. He also reduces everyday objects, through a process of obliteration, into almost nothing. Fixed in neither time nor space, these two approaches to making offer many turning points and points of transformation for Paul.  
‘All art is dirt,’ he explains upon discussing his medium. ‘It’s all just the residue of living, but framed.’ 
With TURN, Paul created something from the dust of Alice Herrick’s living space. Little figures, that were once an amorphous coating on a shelf, dance and turn like shadows upon a silent whitewashed turntable. This inaugural solo exhibition marked the turning of this living space into the first Herrick Gallery. 
Paul Hazelton lives and works in Margate and has exhibited widely across the UK and the US. His sculptures are often intricately constructed using household dust, cobwebs, hair or cut paper, stuffed toys or other materials and his work often focuses around ontology, myth, decay and creation.