TRUE LOVE: Dan Llywelyn Hall

3-10 June 2017

Dan Llywelyn Hall's recent paintings at Herrick Gallery represent the artist's recurring interest in the theme of love distilled through imagery of landscape, portraiture and popular culture. 

Hall's paintings range in subject from landscape to city scenes with a strong emphasis on painting trips alongside responses to and a pursuit of love themes within literature.

In 2013 Hall became the youngest artist to officially paint a portrait of The Queen, his other portraiture work includes diverse subjects such as Amy Winehouse, WW1 veterans, which were displayed at the National Portrait Gallery, numerous writers and public figures. He was the first official artist-in-residence at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2015. Hall’s work has been exhibited all around the UK and he is about to embark on a collaboration with Amnesty International with a collection of specially commissioned portraits of public figures.

The Amorist event: 8 June 6.30-8.30pm