THE BRIDGE:  Ian Healy & KeelerTornero's KT-LAB: An Art Expedition

3 - 14 October 2017

Herrick Gallery is thrilled to present new and recent paintings by Edinburgh based artist, Ian Healy. We have also invited the dynamic art duo KeelerTornero to set up studio in the gallery's lower floor with their KT-LAB: An Art Expedition and during the exhibition fortnight they will be tasked with making sculptures and then paintings in response to Healy's paintings, with occasional interventions from Alice Herrick (artist, curator & director of the gallery). With this juxtaposition we hope to create a metaphorical bridge between the two disciplines of painting and sculpture with some surprising and exciting results. 

Ian Healy studied painting in Cork, Ireland and lives and works in Edinburgh. His work circumnavigates the notion of being human. He is excited by representing the human figure, expressing humour and absurdness. Whilst having a keen engagement with historical and contemporary figurative painting, Healy also attempts to describe the foolishness and the idiosyncrasies of life or the acts performed. Painting allows for total invention, like the impossible body twist, or the cartoon eyes on a face. Underlying narratives inform the works; he seeks to draw a viewer into some drama or comedy, into a scenario, maybe fear of being seen, fear of how to look and even fear of the unknown. He works from random imagery, anything that catches his eye. The unstable technique of lines and blocks of paint tie into uncertain notions. The expressive force of the medium and act seems the best way to express the thoughts and notions he has, wanting to paint parodies and parables.

KEELERTORNERO aka Chin Keeler and Emma Tornero live and work in London. They work collaboratively, suspending their individual artistic vision and preconceived ideas in an animated dialogue of polar styles. Both work on the same piece at the same time, intuitively sourcing imagery or deliberating on a concept or theme. In this way they create paintings and collages in which the impossible emerges as something perfectly natural, where characters play parts in an all-encompassing illusory world – a place of dreams, hallucinations and unkempt fantasy, inhabited by strange beings, beasts and insects living out their lives just beyond our peripheral vision. They are currently engaged in a new project called KT-LAB: An Art Expedition. It’s a 2-3 year adventure in which they complete tasks set by specially selected artists and creatives who then critique the work produced. The projects rationale is to challenge their currently held perspectives on the nature of painting and it’s inherent associations. The work made during THE BRIDGE exhibition will be part of this expedition.