PROXIMITY: Teresa Satterthwaite

11- 17 June 2018

Proximity is Teresa Satterthwaite's first exhibition and is a result of time spent in her studio since she closed the doors on the small art school she ran from her studio in Surrey, for nearly a decade. These paintings are inspired by her love of colour.  Josef Albers, artist and tutor from Yale Art School in the mid 20th century taught his students that with colour it is not just about hue, saturation and tone but quantity and proximity too. It is a very liberating experience as an artist to push and scrape paint with a palette knife. Victor Willing apparently once said to his wife Paula Rego 'you can either paint a painting into existence or think a painting into existence'.  Teresa paints a painting into existence. It has helped liberate her from 'the line', rather searching from within and discovering what is there and along the way creating what seems like new shades, tones and colours. She puts the paint on, takes it out, puts more on and takes it out - it is a rhythmic, instinctive experience. These paintings are inspired by what she has seen and imagined. It is not a conscious process of recall but rather a releasing of what is in the 'visual filing system' in her head. Teresa loves it when people recognise somewhere they have been or seen in her paintings, it seems magical that these places exist somewhere. Joan Miró once said of the Fauves, that instead of using paint to present nature, they used nature to present paint.