An Exhibition of Fashion & Fabrics presented by Tengri

19-24 February 2019

Private View: Tuesday 19 February 6-8pm

Opening hours: 19 Feb 11am-5pm / 20-23 Feb 11am-7pm / 24 Feb 11am-5pm

Combining a fashion exhibition, art installation and photography, this event traces the spiritual journey behind one of the world’s rarest natural fabrics.

The exhibition celebrates the global heritage, innovative craftsmanship and uncompromising sustainable style of Tengri, a pioneering fashion and lifestyle brand. Tengri founder and creative director, Nancy Johnston, explores materiality and our relationship with nature through the manipulation of natural rare fibres.

Charting the journey of these fibres from the remote Khangai mountains in Mongolia to the Yorkshire Pennines, this exhibition explores the preservation of cultural heritage from east to west. It reveals how experimentation with natural noble fibres and traditional textile fabrication techniques, combined with innovative craftsmanship skills, produces exciting material combinations.

Sky is a hands-on experience (visitors are encouraged to touch the many different pieces) rooted in a sustainable design philosophy which is at the vanguard of British textile innovation, London creativity and design.

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