SHUFFLE - summer exhibition

1 July - 24 September 2016

To celebrate our first year in Mayfair, a group exhibition of artists and designers from the gallery’s past, present and future…

Jake Clark, Darren Coffield, Michal Cole, Pippa Gatty, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Marcelle Hanselaar, Paul Hazelton, Aly Helyer, Adam Hennessey, Joshua Huyser, Norman Hyams, Reece Jones, Matthew Killick, Jaakko Mattila, Iain Nicholls, Sergei Pavlenko, Olha Pryymak, Tatiana Radko, Jeffrey Louis Reed, Paul Sakoilsky and Minnie Weisz

+ Victoria Burge, Alan Franklin, Elizabeth Hayley, Alexander Massouras, Kostas Synodis and Joella Wheatley, presented in association with Joanna Bryant & Julian Page.

The exhibition also featured designers Tamsin van Essen, Ruth Harrison, Chuly Lee and Ariane Prin presented in association with Designersblock.

Alice Herrick has curated many large group shows in numerous galleries and museums over the years and has always been fascinated by the sublime balance and/or quivering tension that can arise from the variable, possible juxtapositions of works. This exhibition will feature small drawings, paintings, photography, prints, sculpture and design pieces from emerging and mid-career artists. The works will be shuffled throughout the summer months and as the display rotates, collectors will be able to take away pieces on the day of purchase. Each stage of the exhibition will be documented and we will host a discussion about the ‘shuffle’ in September.