ROPE: Cedric Christie 

11 October - 1 December 2013 

ROPE featured new work by internationally acclaimed British artist Cedric Christie with accompanying poem and artwork titles by Alice Herrick.  
Christie is best known for his playful inquiry into the theoretical line between object and art through the transformation of existing forms such as scaffolding or snooker balls. For this first solo show of drawings Christie has focused on a repeated yet variable single action on paper with breathtaking results… 
hold your breath 
don’t blow 
not even a whisper 
until the dust settles 
Christie’s new series of chalk dust drawings capture a split second moment of concentration, energy, engineering and material fragility. The compelling use of these dynamic, minimalist, chalk coated rope and thread lines follow his recent solo exhibition at Flowers, When Painting Collapses, You Have Beautiful Sculptures, for which Christie gridded the gallery walls with red chalk. 

Cedric Christie lives and works in London.