19 December 2016 -11 February 2017  

A selection of dynamic new paintings by Raul Pina alongside stunning artworks by Illuminati Neon.

The title RETINAL MAGNETISM, belongs in the artist, Raul Pina's, favoured canon of bombastic terminology and serves as a clue to the provocative imagery, pulsating colours and brush marks in these works. These paintings feature the artist’s regular cast of symbolic characters, such as the erect rabbit, and introduce new fairytale inspired relationships including a potent frog sucking up to a voluptuous reclining female nude!

"Within the world of the senses...sound, smell and touch can be illusory, but the RETINAL bliss that emanates from colour is more important than ever as we are increasingly overwhelmed by preconceptions and conceptual ideas that navigate our minds. With no pain and no glory (as painters) we keep questioning:how the light in the space moves?...why the radiation of a green energy seems so happy next to a pink splash in the universe of a canvas?...is the new contemporary painter a kind of magpie that flies and arranges the colours around the canvas in a ritual or game to attract the souls of spectators and copulate with them, in order to perpetuate the species of some mysterious birds?...or are our eyes just two pieces of shiny copper that glow in the conceptual night, attracted in sympathy by the gravitational force of the planet Venus while our souls dance around it…!!"

Raul Pina was born in Mexico. He studied at the Esmeralda School of Fine Art, Mexico's most prestigious art school. He moved from Mexico City to London in 1997, where he has continued to live and work. Raul last exhibited with Herrick Gallery in November 2012.

Illuminati Neon's work features our neighbour, Her Majesty The Queen, together with some deliciously provocative and enticing glowing images and messages.

Illuminati Neon create beautiful, desirable art from their Shepherds Bush studios. Rooted in the birthplace of Punk, they draw on the cultural vibes of West London to create artwork that enlightens the whole world. Using vintage flags and distressed wood, the neon flickers gently to give the most wonderful imagery. Punk messages underwrite the neon to create statements that make you smile, laugh and think. Every neon art piece is hand blown to the highest standard, and every piece bespoke. Illuminati Neon can be found in many galleries and establishments, burning brightly on the walls of many collections worldwide.

"Look to the light, Follow the light, Learn from the light! WE ARE ILLUMINATI!"