12 - 23 June 2017 

Two daring photographic series from Prem Rawat, Trice and Timeless: each a different kind of journey in expanded perception.


A splash of water...a swirl of air…a spark of fire. In the world of Prem Rawat, things are so much more than they appear. Using freeze-frame photography at 1/6400th of a second, he is able to capture the most surprising and elemental of dances - “the unseen beauty that exists all around us.”

Stark and un-manipulated, dreamy yet majestic: each image reveals the timeless within the most transient of moments, the extraordinary within the most ordinary of substances. Water. Air. Fire.


Prem Rawat left his native India as a teenager, and has since travelled the globe, speaking to audiences about peace and wellbeing. He has chronicled this life with a personal photo journal of millions of images spanning nearly five decades and every continent.

In this series he revisits these photos to create something fresh and unexpected, colourful and evocative. Each composition is a journey of its own: a kaleidoscope of images, blended and layered to tell a multitude of stories as individual as the people who view them.

Prem Rawat has used photography to reveal the simple beauty in the everyday throughout his life—although his tools have evolved considerably from the pinhole camera he made from a shoebox at the age of nine. An internationally acclaimed speaker and ambassador for peace (as well as a pilot and musician), he has clocked millions of miles in worldwide travel, and brings a uniquely universal and global perspective to all of his photographic work. His “Trice” series has been exhibited in Japan, Kuala Lumpur, and Australia. The London exhibit marks the first showing of the “Timeless” series.

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