Pippa Gatty's work is centred around a belief in the power of artistic labour and activity to generate a phantasm. Accordingly, her practice becomes a device for shifting time and space, either infiltrating a pre-existing archive or building her own register, in which to find a zone where memory and narrative can be created and altered.  She uses her medium as a way to understand and navigate through archival material. Her investigations, and process, together create a liminal space between the imaginary and the real, the known and the unknown, in which the acts of pretending and believing are addressed. Her recent work contributes to a wider personal archive of explorations, as well as reflecting her surrounding landscape. Drawing on a rich history of the sublime and a nostalgia for the golden age of romantic landscape, the paintings suggest an environmental foreboding, and a grief for both lost innocence and a vanished world. They are meditations on the human condition, our place within a changing world and the metaphysical possibilities available within this. The surface of each painting is heavily worked, having been repeatedly painted and repainted, before the final image reveals itself. The finished works represent both a series of melancholic excavations into a lost past and meditations on a potential future.
Pippa was born in London in 1965 and studied painting at Chelsea School of Art. She lives and works in Scotland.