Rose Pomeroy

Herrick Gallery mural

Rose Pomeroy has created a stunning hand painted ‘wallpaper’ mural in the stairwell and office at Herrick Gallery. Painted in light grey colours to coordinate with the gallery walls it features a monkey sitting at the foot of a tree with curvaceous spreading blossoming branches.

As a scenic artist and painter, Rose specialises in bespoke murals for interior design, theatre, film, galleries and events. She works in interior and exterior locations. She previously worked as a storyboard artist and in art education.

Rose is interested in the possibilities of hand painted mural designs in specific sites, and the finer adjustments that can be made in colour, research, tone, and design. She also enjoys the way hand painted designs can blend in with other elements in a location and how they age over time, whether it be a billboard in a nature reserve or a ceiling in a Swedish barn.   

Rose Pomeroy

27 Sunbury Workshops, Swanfield Street, London E2 7LF

(44) 0 7734 033 344