Alice Herrick the Director of Herrick Gallery is the guest curator of issue 11 of FreshPaintMagazine. The issue is a celebration of contemporary painters who reconstruct and play with our perceptions of landscape, objects and environments, real and imagined. The publication features an interview with the Herrick Gallery artist Iain Nicholls, as well as works by Darren Coffield, Aly Helyer and Paul Hazelton.

“It has been a great adventure curating this issue with such a wonderful and diverse range of artists. I feel very privileged to be in a position to promote these selected artists from across the globe. I approached this magazine as I would curate an exhibition and have collaborated with the publishers to ensure the order of images works to the best advantage of each artist. In the following pages powerful imagery and ideas are juxtaposed with subtle, nuanced gestures and quiet reflection. I chose works, which hopefully express the true sensibilities of the artists, their engagement with contemporary art, an instinct for form and composition, and an intelligent line of enquiry.” Alice Herrick