Mat Clum researches human consciousness - the way it interacts with the world while simultaneously informing it - to fuel his work in abstraction.  This group of paintings, Within the Wordless Universe, explores the interface where the subconscious meets the physical world and emerges as the individual.
Mat employs a rigorously formal, though minimally apparent, visual vocabulary to address the questions posed in this non-verbal space.  His lexicon functions not only to represent each piece’s underpinnings but to ask further questions that become apparent only as the piece evolves toward a future moment of (im)possible completion. The paintings in this series cannot be characterised as 'finished', offering specific answers to particular questions, but rather as 'beginnings', entrances to a continuing conversation that creates the narrative defining our reality.  Conversation demands dialogue, and these works, often diptych in format, signal the necessity of this dialogue, between the viewer and the painting as well as between the paintings themselves - to point towards that transitory, ephemeral ground where answers might lie. 
Mat was born in 1962 and raised in the United States. He graduated from the School of Art at the University of Michigan. He lives and works in London.