LANDING: Anna Freeman Bentley, Hannah Brown, Freya Douglas-Morris

29 September - 15 October 2016

Following on from his inaugural show, SAMPLER, Kristian Day presented LANDING, featuring work in collaboration with Herrick Gallery. 

Variously depicting architecture, landscape and the figure, the work of each artist is notable for its highly personal use of pictorial space and engagement with materials. The show’s title – Landing – alludes to a state between the real and the imagined, a liminal space with regard to representing the visible world found in the work of each of the three artists. Each situates their work as existing in an in-between zone, one foot perhaps grounded in observation and experience, the other exploring memory, imagination, transition, waiting, mirroring, knowing and not knowing. Each explores the illusory nature of image making, conjoining observation with narratives of memory and imagination, in work that often appears imbued by both presence and absence. Landing also represents the end of a journey undertaken in each artists practice, culminating in the work shown.