KONFRONTIEREN: MC Llamas & Pauline Amos

26 November - 1December 2018

Private View: Tuesday 27 November 6.30-8pm, artist talk at 7pm

KONFRONTIEREN, a German word translated into English as Confrontation. Despite negative connotations, closely associated with conflict, KONFRONTIEREN is seen by the duo as a highly productive process vital for development and constructive. Destruction is essential to the creative process; confronting and 'wiping away' of what was before is necessary for what is to come.

In discussion with the Amos and Llamas, they brought up the role of rivalry and how “L'esprit de compétition” can become a driving force. Taking inspiration from historical creative rivalries, Amos and Llamas battle it out, provoking and confronting. Their aim is to remind an audience that confrontation is not the same as conflict and through the act of ‘facing off’ we can gain a greater clarity. Confrontation becomes a remedy for a compartmentalised self. Having something to define ourselves against and in opposition too, reinforces individuality.

The work of Amos and Llamas is attesting; neither artist bends to fit with the status quo. Visually arresting and conceptually combative, KONFRONTIEREN is not a stranger to them. They procure a fearlessness and a defiance that stridently stares out from the paintings, daring a collision of forces to combust.

M.C. Llamas confronts the viewer in Graffiti Heads (2016) shown at the Charlie Smith gallery. Striking diagonals act like cuts card out from the blank page and the blank face, forcing the viewer to redress previous attitudes to weight and form. In the exhibition ‘Konfrontieren’ she turns to the subject of the celebrity as an object of duality. Recognising that fragmentation occurs in the maintenance of public and private life, she attempts to illustrate this visually, suggesting that performing a public life can be as illusory as the illusions she has overlaid. Her work is psychological portrait of the cognitive dissonance that occurs in trauma.

Amos works have gained notoriety and include My Flesh My Canvas (1999) which received a backlash for its nudity. 'Opera Paese' (2005) a large painting and the result of a 24-hour performance in Rome (2003). It is also known as ‘The £1. 3M’ the price being a comment on the commodities and art market. Setting her own inflated price tag, manipulating the idea of value and commerce, parodying the contradictions. For Amos, it’s impossible for her to separate ‘the work’ from ‘the artist’. The ability to speak for themselves is an accolade few artists can ever hope to achieve for this exhibition she says`; ‘to go beyond conflicting ideas with provocative confrontation; that is not destructive but unifying and creative; to be an artist is to be a Provocateur-Destroyer-Creator’.

KONFRONTIEREN: 16Paintings: is a collection of paintings exemplifying confrontation not as reductive but restorative. Amos and Llamas face one another, reach into themselves and expose trouble and difficulty forcing the only resolution that is KONFRONTIEREN.