IF I WERE THE QUEEN: BOOK LAUNCH, Herrick Gallery Shoreditch

6 June 2013

Herrick Gallery presented 'If I Were The Queen' by Maria Teresa Gavazzi. This beautiful book features 168 photographic portraits from a series of performative actions orchestrated by Gavazzi during the Jubilee celebrations in London 2012. 
The sitters were invited to wear a replica Imperial State Crown and consider which emotions to expose or conceal, when posing for these portraits and pondering…'If I Were The Queen'.

Performances were staged at three locations reflecting the colours of the Union Flag:
•Red, at the Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane
•White, at Herrick Gallery, Shoreditch
•Blue, against a street wall in Tufnell Park

• Published by PrePrint (Lecco, Italy) in an edition of 150
• Designed by Alberto Bonanni
• Paperback 176 pages with 168 colour illustrations
• Dimensions: 137 x 195 mm