HOUR GLASS MACHINE: Kate Kotcheff, Herrick Gallery Shoreditch

24 - 27 January 2013

Film presentation of Kate Kotcheff's  animated short film, Hour Glass Machine. Kate Kotcheff’s background is in architecture and film. Her practice focuses on the inter-play between imagined and constructed interior spaces, set against the themes of memory, history and time. She works with photography, installation, and the moving image. 

Starting out with the idea that time is traversed through memory via recollection and reflection, Kotcheff explores a temporal ‘zone’ via stop-frame animation and a circular set of eight mirror chambers, here entitled: Hour Glass Machine. This piece explores on the one hand, the  infinite mirror world, the Mise en Abymes, and on the other, the finite ash.  

The use of animation is a weighing up of two opposing forces: the finite - something contained, measured, repeated versus the infinite - something unconstrained, un-measurable. The use of ash in this piece brings an outside element inside. The dialectic between inside and outside is a physical manifestation and conceptual division between the two disciplines of interior life and architectural construction, beyond and within.  

Kotcheff uses the tactic of pairings that work through opposition and parallel. An ambiguous spatio-temporal dialectic is sifted in this piece, via the moving image, which oscillates between the infinite and the finite, suggesting an eternal accretion, disintegration and transposition.