FLOWERS: Rachel Megawhat

21-29 April 2017

Herrick Gallery is proud to present Rachel Megawhat’s stunningly beautiful new photographic series.

When there is nothing left to believe in but love…

These flower pictures are described by the artist as being "deeply shallow". Very deliberately apolitical, these are contemplative works aiming to find objective beauty and eternal truths, as a counterpoint to our super-fast information culture. Votive images that are both sacred and profane.

The images are all made in-camera with minimal post-processing, marking a return to a pre-digital style of photography. All images were taken with Fujifilm-X series cameras. The printing process, chromaluxe, is the most exquisite archival process available in the world today.  Dye-sublimated onto an aluminium surface these scratch, fire and fade resistant prints will last for generations - the antithesis of disposable pixels.

Rachel Megawhat is a London based, British photographer. She trained as a photo-assistant and has worked extensively as a commercial and press photographer as well as exhibiting widely in the fine art arena. Her work has been included in shows in the UK, Korea and USA and has appeared in countless newspapers, magazines, books and websites. She has an MA in fine art graphics from UAL and is a member of the British Press Photographers Association.