FIRST KISS: Debbie Loftus

1-4 May 2018

FIRST KISS features a sequence of canvases, unique prints, light boxes and display cases that gloriously place the chemistry of love under the microscope.

For better or worse we have all experienced a first kiss - the exquisite ecstasy, agony or bathos of that pivotal moment. The iconic embraces of Hollywood’s Golden Age - in glorious technicolour or sensuous black and white - permeate our real life experiences.

To portray this all-too-human experience, Debbie Loftus turned to the fascinating processes used by biologists as they cultivate and study micro-organisms in the laboratory. The amorous moment of truth encounters the cell culture of microbiology. The result is an abstractionist homage to the chemistry of passion.

Debbie Loftus is a London based artist noted as a practitioner of drawing, printmaking and photography, as well as for her use of diverse materials and found objects. Loftus trained at Chelsea School of Art and has collaborated with Festival O/Modernt in Stockholm and Central Ballet in London. She has exhibited at the British Museum, the Chelsea Arts Club and currently has a show, Galileo 24, at King’s College, Cambridge.

Recent publications featuring Debbie’s work include: The Art of Borrowing (2016), Galileo 24 (2017), Six London Preludes (2017), Clay: Themes and Variations from Ancient Mesopotamia (2018, forthcoming)