DE-IN-STALL: Paul Hazelton & Tom Swift

4 - 7 September 2014 

The third incarnation of Paul Hazelton & Tom Swift's DE-IN-STALL featured Simon Williams, Beth Anderson, Steve Graham, Steve McPherson, Emrys Plant, Helen Seymour & Dan Thompson. 
Hazelton & Swift are both based in Margate. Prior to collaborating on DE-IN-STALL they were coincidentally showing their works back-to-back on separate adjoining gallery booths at London’s Art 14. They decided to turn this around and to work together. A Fete Worse Than Death 2014 (co-curated by Alice Herrick) provided the ideal platform for them to subvert each other’s practices and to challenge or comment on the roll of the commercial gallery or art fair booth. 
For A Fete Worse Than Death Hazelton and Swift constructed a stall from their work and invited other artists creating a collaborative sculpture/installation, performance space and pseudo gallery. Joined by some new artists they then reinvented DE-IN-STALL in response to A Fete Worse Than Death for the Art Car Boot Fair in Folkestone creating artist motivational products. With artists going through the DE-IN-STALL programme it had moved on from being a pseudo gallery to a pseudo organization/cult. Taking over from Casper the art oracle, Helen Seymour, artist motivational poet became its new face for the day.  
In the gallery, like a mythologized folk archive, Hazelton and Swift exhibited deinstalled parts from both events.