An exhibition of painting, film & sound by Kyli John

Sound by Ghost of Wood

9-14 April 2019

Private View: Tuesday 9th April 6-8pm

Opening hours: 9 April 11am-5pm / 10-13 April 11am-7pm / 14 April 11am-5pm

When two people enter one another's space. It is a collision of two worlds.

The Collision series explores the interaction of human relations. Observing the unique outcome of each one.
The process of the project was to find a communication of human interaction that was in effect, simple. A process that was reduced to a few key parameters of colour, shape and pattern. However within those defined parameters there was an immeasurable amount of possibilities.

Inspired by how mathematical patterns and equations can explain complex theories through seemingly simple conclusions.

Two radiating entities move outwards in a circular motion. Where the circles collide, the space is filled with colour.

The intention was to take away any specific imagery of human interaction and create an abstract form that could enable the viewer to draw from their own experiences, therefore creating personal interpretations of each piece of work.

From a distance the paintings can appear as if precisely painted with perfect form. Upon closer inspection the viewer can realise the hand painted shapes create imperfect lines, fills and inconsistent textures.

Nothing is perfect. And nothing should be.