21 - 24 January 2019

Azadeh Ghotbi’s latest series, The Nature of Light, explores visual wonderment and delves into emotional sensitivity towards fleeting beauty within Nature, what the Japanese call the concept of “mono no aware”: heightened empathy and appreciation towards transience of one's environment. The work is not about immortalising or defying Nature’s impermanence; instead, it delves into the process of slowing down a fleeting moment in time long enough to reveal and magnify it, to invite others to observe, behold and cherish it.

The Nature of Light examines the alchemy and interplay between light, time, movement and space, and at times, the subject of impermanence and paradox within visual reality. What is tangible vs. perceived, manifest vs. ambiguous, veritable vs. distorted? The resulting imagery confronts the viewers with these questions, challenges their perception while inviting them to interrogate their intuitive visual reliance on fact vs. fiction. The most abstract works remain fully open to investigation and interpretation. Visually, the works in the exhibition engender an interesting and delicate dialogue between digital pixels and what may appear like painterly brushstrokes as if the artist blurs the boundaries of interpretation not just semantically but even between the painterly and photographic medium.

Azadeh Ghotbi started her artistic journey as a painter later embracing photography as a much welcomed complementary medium, as one would a new palette of hues to enable a broader spectrum of expression. Doing so further sharpened her sense of observation, attention to details, visual language and sense of composition. “I owe it a whole new way of seeing” she says. Her work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London and New York.

Press inquiries: +44 (0) 782 2654 2381 / @AzadehGhotbi