art & tea

2009 to date

For many years Alice Herrick has been visiting artists’ studios as part of her life as a curator. The ‘art & tea’ series started when the artist Gavin Turk suggested to Alice that, since she was in the privileged position of visiting so many studios, she should keep some sort of photographic record. The desire to document the artist’s studio is a long established one, and a venture that usually requires prior notice and negotiation. As an artist herself, Alice understands the sensitive and revealing nature of the studio environment. So with this in mind, she chose a common object - the cup of tea - as the main subject of the photographs, finding that she was regularly offered tea upon arrival. The photos are taken with a phone and mainly framed to give just a hint of the surroundings. The series also includes a few cups of tea in galleries and artists’ homes. Of course, there are many more who could have been included in this series…if only they had offered tea!