AMBERGRIS: AVM Curiosities

14 June - 4 July 2013

AVM Curiosities first solo show, Ambergris, is an olfactory and edible exploration of one of nature’s most curious scents. This olfactory artefact has been used in everything from Indian ink to aphrodisiacs, and everywhere from Ancient Egypt to 21st century Paris.  
AVM Curiosities at Herrick Gallery introduced this oceanic enigma, through a collection of historical objects, contemporary photography and edible curiosities. Think the Wellcome Collection but lickable… 
AVM’s ongoing Edible Print Project was included in AMBERGRIS. Taking an established art form and turning it on its head, the Edible Print Project bypasses the conventional canon in place of transience and temporality.  
AVM (Animal Vegetable Mineral) Curiosities was founded in early 2011, by food historian Tasha Marks and have recently been awarded the Grey Goose 'Iconoclast of Taste' and Selfridges 'Bright Young Things 2013'.